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We are currently seeking experts and passionate people to have a Conversation on Courage with for our next season. We provide exposure for ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things in their community and around the globe. 

If you would like to be considered as a future guest, we invite you to listen to a few of our episodes to get a feel for our style.  We want to make sure we are a fit. If you feel we are what you are looking for, we invite you to take the next step – complete an application

Someone from our team will contact you within 36 business hours.

Please note: There is a $47.97 (Prep) – $197.00 (Pro) administrative and marketing package processing fee for each interview. Upon application approval, an invoice will be sent to confirm and secure the date. The Pro Package ($197.00) Includes a FREE professional 30 second advertisement during the broadcast.  

Do you want to sell more of your books? Book marketing is an extremely important part of a self-publisher’s success. For this reason, The Conversations on Courage Podcast is offering an exclusive, limited time opportunity for authors just like you to share their book and message with the world. We currently have 5 interview opportunities for only $47.47, a $197.00 value, expiring on May 30, 2019. Click on the above picture and complete and application today. 

Research shows that using podcast as a form of indirect marketing is a win-win.  The Conversations on Courage Podcast is an excellent way to engage in indirect marketing. This is one of the easiest and most productive ways to provide unique, engaging content, resulting in listeners investing in you, and then in your book, without needing to be pushed.

As an author, the merits of your books alone might not get the sales you want. Indirect Marketing via a podcast allows you to create marketing content that lives outside of your book, increasing your exposure and reach.

Any authors aspiring to bigger name recognition and more sales stop to take note of this opportunity however only 14 are able to take advantage of it. This is a first come first serve bases opportunity.  

Applying is hassle free!  Once your application is completed, received, and reviewed, we will contact you within 36 business hours to secure your investment and schedule an interview.

Why Authors Should Use Podcast for Indirect Marketing

Increased podcast usage is definitely a big factor to consider, but that’s not the only reason an author should consider marketing on a podcast platform.

Podcasts are intimate – An author focused podcast puts the reader in direct connection with the creator or content that will change their lives.

Podcasting improves your trade craft –Speaking extemporaneously about your books on-air helps improve your in-person delivery

Podcast Indirect Marketing is fairly inexpensive–costs are one-time expenditures. Marketing prices range anywhere from $125.00 to $400.00

Podcasting is fun – There are If it is fun for you, it will be fun for the audience. When we connect in a comfortable environment, we establish more meaningful relationships faster and the last longer. This results in lifetime client relationships instead of one time purchasers.

Here are a few ways to achieve the desired effects:

  1. Readings – Much like a live reading in a bookstore, but with the ability to polish. Authors can launch podcast readings in the form of on-demand, consecutive episodes.
  2. Live Q&A – This type of transparency is a great way to connect with readers and promote your books.
  3. Interviews – Invite colleagues or people who’ve contributed source material to take part. A casual discussion with these folks is a great supplemental to your book.
  4. Virtual Book Tours – Do the reverse of #3 and seek out guest appearance opportunities on other relevant podcasts.

These are just a few ways authors can use podcasts to promote their books and build a following.

Indirect Marketing via Podcast interviews, readings, and Q &A sessions has successfully transitioned from a marketing fad to an established marketing staple.  Our host, RJ Jackson, The Courage Giver is honored to partner with you in your greatness with ease and confidence. 

Complete an application today.

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